Name: Christian Slaughter
Number: Pumped Up 66
Tagline: "GET PUMPED UP"
From: The Shadows of the City.
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140 lbs
Positions: Jammer
Secondary Position: Blocker 1
Started with the 78s: 2010
Rivalries: Christian Slaughter vs Ballz Deep
On Roster For:

Psycho 78s Travel Team

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Awards and Honors:
2013 Highest Scoring Jammer
2013 Highest Scoring Jam
2013 Best Attendance
2013 Hellhounds Choice Award
2013 Best Brawl
2013 Best Ass
2013 Best Rivalry

2012 Most Improved Blocker
2012 Coach's Choice
2012 Best Rivalry
2012 Underdog of the Year
2011 Best Derby Persona
2011 Renegade Enforcer

2010 Most Pumped
Head Ref from 2010 - 2011


Christian Slaughter came from a lineage of honorable soldiers during a time of war.  He also had a great uncle who was a prize fighter in the ring. Slaughter was born in the United States of America. He grew up on a farm in upstate New York with his working class family. Christian Slaughter became a young adult and moved to the big city. He was a normal joe in everyday society.

One day chaos broke out and Christian Slaughter stepped in to help those in need. The skies opened up and Christian was struck by a powerful beam of light.
The Renegade Gods gave him the power to justify and control.  Christian Slaughter is able to make a difference and a name for himself in the sport of roller derby. With his super powers and strength he is ready to skate for Psycho 78s Renegade Roller Derby. Get Pumped.