Name: Captain Sailor Doom
Number: HI 5
From: OuterrrSpaaaace
Height: 5'5
Weight: 160lbs of Space Debris
Positions: Official
Started with the 78s: August 2011
Tagline: "I Need to Brainn Stoooooorm!"
Signature Move: Space Madness

Awards and Honors
2014 Voted Travel Team captain.

2013 Most Valuable Player
2013 Heavy Hitter Award
2013 Workhorse Blocker
2013 Best Derby Couple
2013 Most Versatile

2012 Most Improved Jammer
2012 Captain's Choice Award
2012 Most Resilient
2012 The Unlikely Jammer Award

2011 Best Attendance
2011 Best Ass
2011 Renegade Enforcer

Doom has always been adventurous even as a wee tyke.  Passing by the same planets and stars countless times, Sailor Doom was on first name basis with many Gods and even enjoyed a very lovely dinner with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  She would spend many eons searching the deep dark depths of the galaxy trying to plunder for some space booty. But Doom would always fall short and get sucked into a black hole of some sort and end up in a different galaxy...but Doom need not care! Because she never gives up and is always down for an adventure or two!

Though sweet...Sailor Doom had a tough side and only the roughest and toughest could hop aboard her ship of doom.  But then one day...something happened. Something very unexpected. Sailor Doom lost control of her ship!  But not on purpose of course!  A giant flamed covered meteor popped out a black hole and headed directly towards Doom's ship!  And contact was made!  All of Sailor Doom's crew mates were knocked off board, instantly becoming goners to the dark abyss of space...

While her "rough and tough" crew fell pray to the meteor, Doom stood her ground and went down with her ship as it fell spiraling down towards some round blue thing called....Earth...It was then when Sailor Doom crash landed onto Earth, that her real adventure was about to begin...

...Even though she was out of her element Doom didn't care!  She would trek the ever changing landscape of Earth searching for something that would catch her pirate eye.  But then there she saw it...some land creature that went by the name of Flava Flav, and then she knew it. To become one with these land creatures, she had to become like Flava...become the greatest rapper of all time.

This was trickier than expected! Sailor Doom had sea legs not land legs, and becoming a rapper was not as easy as she thought. On the search for the most bad ass mo'fuckin' rap skills, Doom was not aware of how wary she became and stumbled into some dark alley.  Darker than the black abyss of space.

In this alley, a creature wiser than any pirate Doom has ever encountered, swooped in and saved her! This creature was a mystical gypsy, and he showed her something greater than any space adventure: The Psycho 78s!