Name: Captain Razor De Rockefeller
Number: We Are 138
Position: Pivot
Height: 5'
Weight: 170lbs
From: Parts Unknown
Started Derby: Late 2007
Started with the 78s: Founded the 78s in July 2009
Tagline: "The Founder of Violence"
Signature Move: the "138"
On Roster For:
Psycho 78s Travel Team

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And Instagram: @MissRazorDe
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Awards and Honors:
Travel Team/Astrozombie Captain 2009 - 2014
3 Time, Undefeated Blood Wrestling Champion (retired)

2013 Brawler of the Year
2013 Ultra Violent Award
2013 Best Brawl

2012 Fan Choice Award
2012 Heavy Hitter Award
2012 Work Horse Blocker
2012 Brawler of the Year
2012 Ultra Violent Award

2011 Brawler of the Year
2011 Ultra Violent Award
2011 Work Horse Blocker
2011 Most Brutal Hit

2010 Brawler of the Year
2010 Heavy Hitter
2010 Workhorse Blocker
2010 Most Brutal Hit

2009 Coach's Choice Award
Not much is known about where Razor comes from, but we think the story goes something like this...

Razor was a German war-lord that worked for an outfit called "Mayhem." In the end, Mayhem turned their backs on her and Razor was butchered and buried in an unmarked grave near the North Sea.

Naturally, Razor was sent straight to the front of the line to get into Hell's gates. Over the next hundred years, Razor brooded on her vengeance until she came across a way to get back to the land of the living and exact her revenge.

With the help a wish-demon, a scarecrow brought to life by a gypsy curse, she was able to gain passage onto the last ship leaving from Hell. She found herself clawing through soil and opening her eyes for the first time in a century. The scarecrow helped her to locate the relatives of the leaders of Mayhem, the ones who'd made the call to betray her. Their great grand-daughters
and great grand-sons worked together for a firm in New Jersey and played on a local roller derby team. Razor, using the power she'd been given by the wish demon in exchange for her soul, put together her own team of skaters... a team she'd use to finally have the revenge she'd been waiting for. The track will be covered in the blood of the heirs of betrayal.