Name: Razor De Rockefeller (C)
Number: We Are 138
Position: Jammer, Pivot
From: Parts Unknown
Started Derby: Sept 2007
Started with the 78s: Founded the 78s in July 2009
Tagline: "The Founder of Violence"
Signature Move: the "138"


Name: Sailor Doom
Number: HI 5
From: OuterrrSpaaaace
Height: 5'5
Weight: 160lbs of Space Debris
Positions: Pivot, Blocker
Started with the 78s: August 2011
Tagline: "I Need to Brainn Stoooooorm!"

Signature Move: Space Madness 

Name: Virgina Werewolf

*Psycho 78s Fresh Meat

Name: Christian Slaughter (C)
Number: Pumped Up 66
Tagline: "GET PUMPED UP" 
From: The Shadows of the City
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 140 lbs
Positions: Jammer, Blocker

Started with the 78s: 2010 

Name: La La Lobotomy
Number: VI3

*Currently on maternity leave!

Name: Lima Bean
Number: .9
Tagline: "The Inca Warrior Goddess"
From: El Corazon de Pucallpa
Height: 5 feet of Incan Wrath
Weight: 110lbs of Human Sacrifices
Position: Jammer, Blocker
Started with the 78s: March 2010
Signature Move: Crouching Goddess Hidden Dragon

**Psycho 78s Hall of Fame Inductee 2014  

Name: Ballz Deep
From: Out There
Height: With or Without the Hat?
Weight: With or Without the Hat?
Position: Loud Mouth Announcer, Sometimes Skater
Started with the 78s: May 2011
Tagline: "If you're gonna do it, go long, go hard, GO BALLZ DEEP!" 


Past Hall of Fame Inductees 

Class of 2013 

                          Class of 2012