Name: Lima Bean
Number: .9
Tagline: "The Inca Warrior Goddess"
El Corazon de Pucallpa
5 feet of Incan Wrath
Weight: 110lbs of
Human Sacrifices
Position: Trainer, Ref
(retired from competition)

Started with the 78s: March 2010

Signature Move: Crouching Goddess Hidden Dragon

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Awards and Honors:
2014 voted in as coach.

2013 Voted in as Travel Team and Hellhounds captain.
2013 Coach's Choice Award
2013 Best Derby Couple
2013 Renegade Enforcer

2012 Most Valuable Player
2012 Highest Scoring Jammer
2012 Highest Scoring Jam
2012 Workhorse Jammer
2012 Biggest Showboat
2012 Purple Heart Award
2012 Best Ass

2011 Captain's Choice
2011 Most Brutal Hit
2011 Highest Scoring Jammer

2010 Best Derby Persona
2010 Most Resilient


There is a story told about the dynasties in Peru, that were created and founded by the God of the sun Inti. Inti entrusted the well being of the earth to his three children - Manco Capac his eldest son strong and gifted with brute strength, Pacha his second son, wise and courageous, and Lima his daughter a beauty unlike any other goddess, who out of the 3 was the smallest, yet clever and swift.

When Inti left the earth and joined the other Gods, Manco Capac became greedy. He devised a plan to overthrow his brother and sister and become sole ruler of earth. Manco started the invasion first in his brothers land. During the invasion, Pacha had sent word to his sister, Lima, about Manco Capac's plan. By the time the word reached Lima, her older brother Pacha was devoured by their older brother...

The Incan Goddess, mourning the loss of her brother, swore to kill and devour Manco-Capac no matter what the cost, but because the goddess was so small like a bean and her older brother rich in brute strength she knew she needed the most brutal and blood thirsty allies she could find. She set out to find the strongest most elite warriors known to mankind. She heard whispers in her travels of warriors who walked through bloody battlefields and merciless revolutions unscathed, known as the Psycho 78's , and set out to find them.

When she had, the goddess Lima, swore her loyalty, her golden powers and abilities given from the god Inti himself to the infamous Razor De Rockefeller and her demonic Gypsy. In return, asking for their strength to one day not only help defeat but also devour her brother Manco- Capac just as he did to her beloved brother, Pacha.