Hall of Fame - Class of 2013

The Shuasome Douche Bragg #85
Inducted by Spooky
January 11. 2014

Awards and Honors:

Second male travel team skater on the 78s
and in renegade-rules derby

2010 Most Versatile
2010 Unlikely Jammer 

The Shuasome Douche Bragg came to the 78s in 2010. After working with Razor and Spooky on an independent horror film called “The Risen” Shua learned about the Psycho 78s and it just so happened they had some spots to fill on roster. Shua came out to his first 78s practice and fell in love. After working his tail of with private lessons that lasted entire afternoons on top of regular practices, D. Bragg quickly rose through the freshmeat program and graduated to travel team becoming the second male in Psycho 78s history to become a competing skater.

D.Bragg made his debut with the other 78's originals on July 17, 2010 at “Renegade Arrives”. Sporting black and skating for the Hatebreeders Shua proved to be a formidable blocker and jammer as well as an overall force to be reckoned with on the track. Even though the Hatebreeders lost that game 105 to the Astrozombies 110, the action packed, hard hitting, tight game introduced the first co-ed renegade rules roller derby game to the east coast and helped to establish the Psycho 78s as the first ever renegade rules roller derby team with a co-ed travel team.

On September 26, 2010 the Psycho 78s roster transformed once again into the Hatebreeders and Astrozombies. Shuonce again skated for the Hatebreeders . In what is considered to be one of the most brutal games in Psycho 78s history. Shua took a step back from the jammer line to play a key role in the pack helping to control the pace and keep the Astrozombies  jammers at bay. With another tight score of 70 to 61, the Breeders squeaked out a lead over the Zombies, but not without a bloody and violent fight. D.Bragg got his hands a bit dirty this game and let out an aggressive side that would continue to add to his skill set and to his power as a skater.

The Psychos had their first taste of another rule set taking on South Jersey's Turnpike Parolees in a game on their home turf. Shua's new found aggression made him a formidable opponent in this new environment and played a key role in keeping the Psychos on the scoreboard. Bouncing between pivoting, jamming, and blocking, Shua showed how truly universal he was not only in renegade, but in whatever rule set he put his mind too.

On October 30th, 2010 the Psycho 78s held their championship game between the Astrozombies and the Hatebreeders closing out their historic first season and Shua's final game with the 78s.  This violent, bloody battle was one of the most challenging games of Shua's career.  78s fans cheered with lead jammer calls and groaned with huge takedowns, and at the end of the mischief night showdown, the Hatebreeders were able to upset the favored Astrozombies with a decisive 72 to 56 win.  Shua played triple duty blocking, jamming, and pivoting and played a crucial role in keeping the Hatebreeders on the same page and getting inside the minds and in the way of the Astrozombies.

Shua took home 2010's Unlikely Jammer and Most Versatile awards.  Even though 2010 was D.Bragg's first and final season as a skater, he would prove to continue to help the team grow and expand in a way no other roller derby team had ever had before.  Through his skills as a director, cinematographer, and editor Shua introduced the 78s to a new world of marketing and promoting through professional quality videos via youtube.  This not only allowed the 78s to utilize an entirely new social network, but elevated them to an entirely new audience and level of exposure that really helped to put co-ed, renegade-rules roller derby on the map not just to the derby community, but to the world.

As the second male travel team skater ever in reneagde-rules derby, Shua unknowingly opened countless doors for male skaters in this style of play.   Without his contribution, this form of derby for both men and woman might never have gotten off the ground.   Shua enabled the 78s to have two fully mix gender intra-league teams and break the stigma about men and woman playing such a violent and brutal sport with each other.  His time with the Psychos helped to break down gender barriers in renegade-rules and solidified the 78s as NJ's and the east coast premier, co-ed, renegade-rules team. 

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