Hall of Fame - Class of 2014
Lima Bean
# .9
Inducted by Sailor Doom
December 19, 2014
Awards and Honors

2014 Inducted into Hall of Fame

Coach for the 2014 Season

2014 Renegade Enforcer

2013 Travel Team and Hellhounds Captain
2013 Coach's Choice Award
2013 Best Derby Couple
2013 Renegade Enforcer

2012 Most Valuable Player
2012 Highest Scoring Jammer
2012 Highest Scoring Jam
2012 Workhorse Jammer
2012 Biggest Showboat
2012 Purple Heart Award
2012 Best Ass

2011 Captain's Choice
2011 Most Brutal Hit
2011 Highest Scoring Jammer

2010 Best Derby Persona
2010 Most Resilient

Quiet, shy, reserved, unsure – this is not what you think of when you think of the Inca Warrior Goddess, but that was how she was when she first came to us, back in March of 2010. But from the moment she strapped on skates we knew there was something special, something different about her. Not only did Lima come into her own as a skater with the Psychos, but she came into her own as a person spending much of her young adult life growing up on the team. She is one of the 78s originals and one of the most influential people to ever step foot on not only the Psychos track, but the entire scene of renegade-rules roller derby.

Even though Lima started in March, she quickly worked her way through freshmeat in order to make it on roster for the Astrozombies and for the Psycho 78s first bout ever on July 17, 2010, “Renegade Arrives”. While Lima did see some jam time in her debut game, she was fresh out of the rookie program and was learning just how difficult it was to be a tiny jammer in such a big environment. That first game pushed Lima to limits she never expected, but it only made her hungrier. She wanted to be faster, she wanted to be better, and she wanted to jam. She closed out her first season with impressive skating at both “Boonton Day” (Sept 26th) and “Monster Brawl” (Oct 30th) and earned herself 2010's “Best Derby Persona” and “Most Resilient” awards. Lima's eyes however, were on an even bigger prize, a spot as one of the 78s first string jammers. After watching such greats as GoreJes Gallows and Spooky, Lima was determined to work hard in the off season and gain one of those coveted positions.

In 2011 and 2012 Lima trained hard. One-on-one time with Spooky, private lessons, working out independently of derby, she had a desire to be the best and she wasn't going to let anything stop her. She adopted the mantra “tiny but mighty” and that's how everyone she met on the track saw her. She was out to prove that being small didn't mean she was weak and that she could hang with the biggest and the best of them. Lima faced opponents twice her size in games like “Ghouls Night Out” (July 16, 2011 vs SJDG) and “Rules of War” (Sept 24, 2011 vs ADA) and helped the Psychos pull out a victory in both bouts with her growing skills as a blocker and jammer. She was also rostered again as one of Captain Razor's Astrozombies, which showcased Lima's growing skills as not only a jammer but as a leader, helping to bring up and encourage newer jammers and skaters (such as fellow Hall of Famer Dita Von Bleed). She earned herself the prestigious awards of 2011's “Captain's Choice”, “Most Brutal Hit”, and “Highest Scoring Jammer”.

2012 would see Lima accomplish one of the proudest moments in her career. The Psychos had a grueling and memorable home opener against the late Seven Hills Roller Derby. “The Risen” was credited as being the greatest game 78s fans had seen at that point in time, but it was when the Psycho returned the favor and visited SHRD in their home state of Virginia that history would be made. Circumstances had forced the Psychos to play with the bare minimum of 5 skaters against a full roster of tough-as-nails, hard-hitting Seven Hills players. However, an unexpected turn of events would put Lima in a position that would change her forever. Shortly into the game, Spooky suffered an injury to the ribs and was unable to jam for the rest of the game. Lima had started off as jammer for the game and now with Spooky out she was the only top string jammer left. With Captain Gallows needed in the pack as a power blocker, Lima continued to jam 56 mins of a 60 min game, with the only break being 4 minutes of blocking time. After the final jam, Lima secured the victory for the 78s and collapsed from exhaustion and was carried off the track by her team mates. When she gained her composure, she faced a crowd of skaters and fans who were all on her side and who were blown away by the heart and determination of the Inca Warrior Goddess. No one had ever seen such a feat before and it is something that the derby community still talks about to this day. The 78s had a dominant season in 2012 facing Tank City (now Boomtown Renegade Roughnecks) and South Jersey once again and coming out victorious.  Lima Bean was a name that not only new Psychos looked up to, but jammers all across the derby community. 2012 was an impressive year for Lima and her stats reflected that. Sweeping ALL of the jammer awards including 2012's “Highest Scoring Jammer,” “Highest Scoring Jam,” and “Workhorse Jammer,” as well as “Biggest Showboat,” “Purple Heart Award,” “Best Ass,” and the impressive “2012 MVP.” However Lima's greatest honor and accomplishment that year would be getting voted in as 2013's Travel Team Co-Captain alongside Razor De Rockefeller, and captaining the 78s newest Horror Business Division team, the Hellhounds.

Lima's excitement however would unfortunately by short lived. After suffering a devastating concussion during an HBD game in 2012, she noticed there was something not quite right. Lima had suffered several concussions over the course of her career, but this last one had put her over the top and she was told by her doctors she would have to retire from contact skating. As upsetting as it was Lima (along with fellow injured/retiring skater Spooky) decided to send out her final year as a skater and her first year as a captain, with a bang. 2013 saw Lima at her best as not only a jammer but as a leader. As an HBD captain she lead her Hellhounds to the number two spot at championships, knocking former triple-crown champs the Hatebreeders out of the running. As a Travel Team captain she accomplished more in her one year as captain, than most do in 5 seasons. Not one but two historic events took place in renegade-rules derby that year, the east coast's first ever tournament as well as the first international game in Lima, Peru. Lima was a direct influence in making both of these a reality, especially Peru. Under her guidance, the 78s became East Coast Champions as well as International Champions remaining undefeated in their 2013 season and Lima lived out her dream of not only skating in the country of her origins, but having her retirement game in Lima, Peru. Even though Lima didn't sweep the jammer stats awards like she had previously, there were two honors bestowed upon her at the end of 2013. Unable to continue skating and after much thought Lima was voted in as the new head coach and trainer for the Psycho 78s. She also found out that she was 2014's sole inductee into the Hall of Fame, the highest honor that can be given by the 78s.

Lima Bean took over coaching duties for the 2014 season from former trainer Spooky. With the retirement of Spooky and HardCor, Lima faced the task of revamping and training up a new generation of Psychos and leading the 78s into one of their biggest developmental years since their incarnation in 2009. Daring new creative, fresh new blood, and a new season saw a whole new set of challenges for Lima as a coach, but just as she did as a skater, she rose to the occasion and delivered. While Lima may still be coming into her own as a coach, 2014 was an impressive year for her as a leader. Lima took the revamped Psychos and adapted her own style of coaching. After facing her first loss to Boomtown Renegade Roughnecks in May, Lima did not let this discourage her or her skaters. Her ability to adapt and her eye for detail helped her and her 78s learn from their mistakes and finish off their 2014 season with impressive victories over Seven Hills and East Central Roller Derby. Once again voted in as head trainer for 2015, there is not doubt Lima will have a long and admirable career as a coach for many years to come.

Adored by fellow skaters and fans, Lima has accomplished so much in her career. The reasons for her being inducted go beyond her as just a skater or a leader. What she has done for renegade-rules derby will be remembered long after she is gone. Her heart and her love for this sport speak volumes. She gave a whole new generation of skaters hope and has inspired so many who thought they wouldn't have what it takes to be successful in such a violent and physical game. Lima rose above all odds and obstacles to become the greatest of all time and as long as she is a fixture on the 78s and in renegade-rules derby, she will continue to leave a lasting impression on the community and anyone who has the pleasure and honor of getting to know her. Lima Bean, we honor you.

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