Hall of Fame - Class of 2012

GoreJes Gallows
2 Reasons to Remember My Face
Inducted by JD-Stroyer
December 15. 2012

Awards and Honors:
Travel Team Captain 2010 - 2012.
Hatebreeders Captain 2010 - 2012

2012 Most Brutal Hit
2012 Come Back Kid Award

2011 Most Versatile Award
2011 Unlikely Blocker Award
2011 Highest Scoring Jam
2011 Most Improved Blocker

2010 Most Versatile Award
2010 Unlikely Blocker Award

2009 Most Valuable Player
GoreJes Gallows has been an important fixture on the Psycho 78s since 2009.   After coming out to a practice with no intentions of strapping on skates, she quickly noticed that she couldn't resist giving it a try and it was love at first stride.  Gore quickly worked her way up through fresh meat and became the first new recruit to the 78s to make it to Travel Team.  With enormous potential early on, Gore's team mates took notice of not only her incredible ability but also her inherent leadership skills.  In 2009 she was voted MVP by her team mates as well as the second travel team captain along with Razor De Rockefeller.

During 2010, Gore captained the Hatebreeders to two victories over the Astrozombies.  This was the Psycho 78s inaugural season and the first co-ed renegade roller derby games that the East Coast had ever seen and Gore, as well as the 78s as a whole, made quite an impression.  While her main focus had always been on jamming, Gore learned in her first season as a skater what an incredibly talented blocker she was as well.  This earned her the 2010 Most Versatile Award and 2010 Unlikely Blocker Award on top of scoring a total of 89 points jamming .  Gore's captaining in these early stages of the 78s development helped to pave the way for the following seasons and set the example of what a travel team skater and 78s captain should be.  Gore was again voted into the position of Travel Team and Hatebreeders captain.

In 2011 the Psychos saw their first batch of at-home renegade games against teams from all over the area.  The Psycho 78s and GoreJes did not disappoint their ever growing fan base, and delivered 2 amazing, brutal, renegade home games all in the name of charity.  The Psycho 78s Travel Team were undefeated and the Hatebreeders, under Gore's leadership, secured another championship over Razor's Astrozombies.   2011 proved to be another amazing year of accomplishments for Gore, as she took home 2011 Most Versatile Award, 2011 Unlikely Blocker Award, 2011 Highest Scoring Jam (for her 16 point jam at 2011 Championships), 2011 Most Improved Blocker, as well as runner up with 78 points for highest scoring  jammer.   The Psychos, once again, voted Gore into her two well established captaining positions, and the team started gearing up for their 2012 season.

2012 proved to be the biggest and best year for the 78s. With more teams establishing renegade rosters and the Psycho 78s taking several road trips to play and workshop with other teams, the 78s were on fire.  Facing new challenges and opponents, the Psychos were still able to hold on to their undefeated renegade winning streak and GoreJes was there every step of the way.  For the third year in a row Gore's Hatebreeders managed to squeeze out another championship over the Astrozombies, solidifying Gore's exceptional captaining and team work skills.  With the pressures of a more demanding schedule in both her personal life and as a travel team captain, Gore was finally going to have to do the unthinkable and retire from her beloved team.  

On December 15, 2012, GoreJes Gallows was inducted into the Psycho 78s Hall of Fame by her derby wife and fellow skater JD-Stroyer.  On top of being inducted, Gore also managed to take home 2012 Most Brutal Hit and The 2012 Come Back Kid Award, as well as be a runner up for the Work Horse Blocker and Heavy Hitter Awards, on top of scoring an amazing 106 points.

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