Hall of Fame - Class of 2013

Don Bragg and
the Parsippany Presbyterian Church

Inducted by Razor De Rockefeller
January 11. 2014

Awards and Honors:
Home venue of the Psycho 78s.

Hosted first co-ed, renegade-rules derby game on the east coast.

Hosted first ever co-ed, renegade-rules tournament on the east coast.

The Psycho 78s have had many influential members over their history as a team, but there have been those who while never directly a member of the 78s have had a massive impact on the course and survival of the team. Don Bragg and the wonderful people of the Parsippany Presbyterian Church haven't just been influential, they are directly responsible for the Psychos having a parking lot to call home since the team's very first season.

In 2009, the 78s spent their time training and readying their freshies for what every new derby team strives for, their very first game. In 2010 after exhausting their resources hunting for rinks all over New Jersey, former skater and Hall of Famer Shua suggested that perhaps his father's church could serve as a place for the Psychos home games. After a few long discussions Don Bragg and his church decided to take a chance and hosted the Psychos first home games.

Don loved the ideals behind the 78s who never looked to make any money off of games or skating, but rather were looking to donate the proceeds to charitable causes. The Psychos loved that the church hosted a group of volunteers who were not just another charity to throw money at but rather a group of people who used the donations to go to the scenes of disasters, get their hands dirty, and do something to help. The Psychos first season was a huge success and they raised thousands of dollars for Katrina relief.

Since that first season the PPC and the Psychos together have raised thousands of dollars for such causes as Tennessee flood relief, Katrina relief, historical preservation, and hurricane Sandy relief and helped to rebuild homes and provide supplies to those who need them most. The games have helped to generate interest in the community in volunteer work as well as gained exposure for both the PPC and the 78s. Each year the Psychos and Don think of bigger and better ways to raise even more money for great causes and put on more amazing games and events.

In 2013 PPC and the Psychos made history once again by hosting the first ever East Coast Renegade-Rules Tournament. This ground breaking event brought teams from all up and down the east coast in one location to face off for the title of east coast champions. The 78s came out on top with a 44 – 40 victory over Boomtown Renegade Roughnecks, and the event proved to be a great success for the church and a milestone for the Psycho 78s and all co-ed, renegade-rules roller derby.