Hall of Fame - Class of 2012

Dita Von Bleed #6
Inducted by Dolly Shot and HardCor
December 15. 2012

Awards and Honors:
2011 Work Horse Jammer Award
2011 Most Improved Jammer Award
2011 Best Derby Couple
2011 Underdog of the Year
2011 Most Resilient
2011 Most Lead Jammer Calls 

Dita Von Bleed came to the Psycho 78s in 2011.  After receiving a recruitment flier a year earlier, Dita was heartbroken to discover that she was not old enough to join.  But that wasn't going to stop Dita from one day living out her dream to be a part of the 78s family.   Immediately following her 18th birthday, Dita came out to the first practice she could, skates and gear ready to go, prepared to work her ass off to make roster.  Dita's amazing personality, sweet demeanor, and passion for hard work made her instantly click with the rest of the Psycho family.   Dita had desired one thing above all else throughout her freshmeat training - to be a first string jammer.

Watching and learning from veteran jammers  Spooky and Gore, Dita was like a sponge absorbing all the information she could to better her own skills.  Determined to make Travel Team for the 2011 home opener, Dita drove an hour and a half each way to practices 3 days a week while also scheduling private lessons on the side.  Her determination and passion paid off in the end, as Dita passed her assessments and was on roster for 2011 home opener.

Dita had big goals for her first season as a skater and she delivered!  At her very first game she was awarded lead jammer status in every jam she took the line for.  Later that season, after Lima Bean fell ill and could not skate, Dita was thrown into the position of first string jammer for the Astrozombies and led them to a long awaited victory over the Hatebreeders, and a personal victory for Dita herself, out scoring veteran jammers Spooky and Gore who were on the opposing team.

Dita continued to impress her team mates, opponents, and the 78s fans throughout her first season.  Securing her place as one of the 78s top jammers in 2011, Dita never gave up fighting for each and every point on the track.  In the last game of the season, Dita scratched and clawed with all her might for her Astrozombies, all while battling with a debilitating, painful condition.  Even though the Astrozombies lost, no one could deny that Dita's heart, dedication, and never-give-up attitude made her the biggest winner that day.

Unfortunately, Dita's derby career had to be cut short due to personal schedule conflicts, but the mark Dita made on the 78s will never be forgotten.  She took home 2011 Work Horse Jammer Award, 2011 Most Improved Jammer Award, as well as 2011 Best Derby Couple, 2011, Underdog
of the Year, 2011 Most Resilient, and was runner up for 2011 Best Attendance, 2011 Most Lead Jammer Calls, as well as scoring a total of 67 points.  Dita was inducted to the Psycho 78s Hall of Fame on December 15. 2012 by her derby wives Hard Cor and Dolly Shot.  Although Dita is no longer active, she one day hopes to be able to return to skating and to the Psycho 78s. 

*Update: In 2013 Dita came out of retirement to help the Hellhounds in their home opener "Rise of the Horror Business".   Dita skated as if she never had stopped to begin with and helped the Hellhounds give the Astrozombies are run for their money!  Though the Hellhounds were unsuccessful in capturing a victory, Dita showed a new generation of Psychos just why she was the first person ever inducted into the Hall of Fame and why she will go down in 78s history as one of the greatest.
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