Do You Guys Really Fight?  Like... For Real?
Yes... and yes. 
Brawls are a normal part of our version of roller derby.  They're aggressive, fun, and add a new and exciting dynamic to the sport.  We love a good fight, and so does the crowd.  The brawls are real and full contact, though we do our best to stop short of hospitalizing one another.  When things get too crazy, Brawl Breakers are there to make sure the fights are broken before they go on too long or get too out of hand. Where else can you and another athlete beat each other bloody, then get up and hug about it?  The fact that we, along with the teams who compete against us, can do this shows the level of sportsmanship, honor, and respect that occurs on our track.

Wait...Guys Can Play?
You betcha!  Psycho 78s have both male and female skaters (and one or two we're not quite sure on).  Men and women skate at the same time and there is no difference in game-play, hitting, or brawling.  We believe in equality, so our boys can get roughed up just the same as our ladies.

Is It Staged, Like The WWF?
No, it is not staged like any wildlife foundation of any kind.  In all seriousness though, no aspect of our game is staged or fixed in any manner.  All of the action is real and full-contact.  Sit back, and enjoy the bloodshed.

Can I Play?
Sure you can!.... if recruitment is open.  We keep our camp pretty tight-knit and only take on new skaters when we are openly recruiting.  If recruitment is open, just send us an e-mail (psycho78s [at] yahoo [dot] com) and introduce yourself.  You have to be at least 18 years of age, have health or accident insurance, be a hard worker, and have a great attitude.  If you're scared of a little blood and sweat, or have a crap sense of humor or work ethic, you're not going to last.

So, You Guys Can Just Like, Tackle Each Other & Fight?  Isn't That Less Athletic?
This is a loaded one.  According to American Football, Boxing, MMA, and Rugby, the concepts of tackling and/or fighting are no less athletic than anything else.  We at Psycho 78s find it slightly more physically taxing to use a martial arts toss on an opposing skater than to use stop-derby or knee starts.  It's not a knock at anyone else's way, but don't take a knock at ours.  Our take-downs are taken from both mixed martial arts and amateur wrestling and are designed to be painful while keeping the opposing skater safe from major physical damage.  We have not taken any athletic aspect of derby away (position/booty blocking is still used, as are hip and shoulder checks), we have just added an additional athletic aspect to the game.  We feel that it allows us to compete in a more high-impact and ruthless environment, and keeps the game moving and entertaining.  Basically - we have designed our game to be fun to play and fun to watch.