Name: Ballz Deep
From: Out There
Height: TBD
Weight: With or Without the Hat?
Position: Loud Mouth
Started with the 78s: May 2011
Tagline: "If you're gonna do it, go long, go hard, GO BALLZ DEEP!"
Rivalries: Ballz Deep vs Christian Slaughter

Awards and Honors:
Travel team skater 2013 - 2014
Voted in as Coach for 2014 season.

2013 Most Valuable Player
2013 Most Improved Jammer
2013 Workhorse Jammer
2013 Best Rivalry (with Slaughter)
2013 Most Brutal Hit

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The man in black, Ballz Deep, came to the Psycho 78s in 2011 as an announcer to fill the very big shoes left behind by former announcer (and current Head Ref) Hard Cor, and he did not disappoint!  Taking to the mic like a pro, Ballz quickly became a fan favorite on the 78s.  With his witty commentary  and quick play-by-play of the renegade action, Ballz Deep captivated the 78s crowd.

With two seasons of watching and calling the game from the sidelines under his belt, Ballz Deep decided to strap on some skates and work his way through the Freshmeat program.  He has his eyes on the prize- skating with the Astrozombies, and for the chance to take out that goodie-two-shoes Christian Slaughter once and for all.

Not much is known about this big mouthed man in black that loves raising the ceiling-less roof where the Psychos roll, but it is said that his roots are of a shy quiet kid. Yeah, hard to believe. Some say he was a geek, a nerd, possibly even a bit slow. He was virtually invisible most of the time and some even wondered if he could talk at all.

It is said that his big sister loved roller derby all her life and followed all the different leagues. After years of barely ever speaking and living a reclusive life, his sister decided to share a new found league with her brother. He saw his first Renegade Roller Derby bout and was amazed! The spectacle of it all, the energy, the physicality! He nearly gave his sister a heart attack when on a particular jam the jammer for the Psycho 78s seemed to fly thru the air to gain lead status and Ballz Deep was born, for he raised his voice to a level never heard in the crowd before. It was as if that voice had been building all those years waiting for just the right moment to explode onto the scene.

Ballz found out the Psychos were looking for that voice and as if the Renegade gods placed him there for just that purpose. After the match, the flying jammer sought out the voice of Renegade and asked if he would call the matches. Little is still known about Ballz Deep's past, but who really cares, let's get ready to jam! And remember, if you're gonna do it, go long, go hard, go BALLZ DEEP!