The Horror Business Division is currently broken down into three teams, the Astrozombies, the Hatebreeders, and the Hellhounds. Since 2009, the Astrozombies and Hatebreeders have battled on the asphalt for supremacy in Psycho 78s, both having their own specific bragging rights. The Astrozombies beat the Hatebreeders in 2009 at the first ever renegade rules game on the east coast, "Renegade Arrives," with a 110 to 105 victory. However it's been the Hatebreeders who've gone on to become Triple Crown Champions, winning three consecutive championship games.

In 2013, the Hellhounds were formed as an expansion team, and the HBD was born, creating a legitimate three team power struggle for a year end championship. Lima Bean took the role of Captain for the hounds, leading the second generation of Psycho 78s in a campaign to make a mark in the HBD. An early draft swing and the loss of veteran skaters all but destroyed the Hatebreeders before the 2013 season began, but Hard Cor, # 24/7, took control of the team and breathed life back into the three time champions. Meanwhile, Razor De Rockefeller reformed her Astrozombies with a new attitude and an obvious mean-streak, looking to erase the black mark the Breeders left on their record.

In the end it was the Astrozombies who came out of top winning every game they competed in
including 2013 HBD Championships.  The Hellhounds were hot on their tails the entire season though.  After losing to the Astrozombies in game one, the Hellhounds fought a brutal game against the Hatebreeders for another shot at the championship title.  The Hellhounds were able to redeem themselves in game two with a shocking victory over the Hatebreeders (which successfully knocked the HBs out of the running to be HBD champs).  Ultimately the Astrozombies were able to capture another victory over the Hellhounds and claim the title of 2013 Horror Business Division Champions. 

What can we expect this 2014 season?  With two newly elected captains and lots of fresh faces to the 78s, this year's HBD season is going to be a bloodbath.  With Razor De Rockefeller voted in once again as captain of the Astrozombies, they are more determined then ever to solidify their place as HBD champions.  Captaining the Hellhounds will be veteran power blocker and pivot Sailor Doom.  Doom saw how close the Hellhounds came to the title and this season she isn't letting the Astrozombies get another championship regin without a fight.  Her experience as one of the 78s top blockers and most strategic thinkers in the game will definitely give the Hellhounds an edge over their competitors.  Closing out our HBD captains is Dr. Hannah C. Horridus taking command of the Hatebreeders.  Doc witnessed the Hatebreeders dreams of becoming champions for the fourth year in a row shattered by the Hellhounds.  With the Hatebreeders under her leadership, Doc is hoping to prove they won't be so easily defeated this season.   Stay tuned for the 2014 draft and check out past HBD pictures and recaps here.

Horror Business Division games are played 4 on 4, iron-man style and by renegade rules. Each skater competes for the entire game, and of course, there are no-holds-barred.