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4/16 Update:
We're recruiting! Email psycho78s[@]yahoo[.]com or Contact Us Here.

Who's ready for some Booze and Bands?!  Come to our next charity event on April 25 in Clifton NJ for a night of killer bands, cheap drinks, and crazy fun with your favorite stars of the Psycho 78s. All proceeds fund our charity games this year! Click here for the Facebook event page.

- Hey, you, ever thought about strapping on some skates and becoming part of the action? We're taking new skaters and officials on a case by case basis! No experience is required, but a great attitude, sportsmanship, dedication, and a passion for teamwork is mandatory. That... and health or accident insurance (yeah, you're gonna get hurt). Email us at psycho78s[@]yahoo[.]com or use the Contact page.

Our season schedule is here! Click this link to be taken to the schedule for our 2014 Season - New Beginning! Be a part of the thrill-ride that is our upcoming season of no rules roller derby games. Be there as the new generation of Psycho 78s fight to leave their mark on the world of co-ed no rules derby! Have tons of fun, and help out great causes - remember... all of our home games go to charity! Mark them in your calendar now!

- Old rivalries still burn, and new stories begin... check out Inside The HBD to see what's happening in the world of the Horror Business Division!

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- Congratulations to 2014's travel team captains Razor De Rockefeller and Sailor Doom, newest HBD captain Dr. Hannah C. Horridus, and our newest coaches Lima Bean and Ballz Deep

- Check out pics from the Psycho 78s becoming the first ever east coast champions here, and check out our pics from the first international renegade-rules game here!

- Some new links posted in the "Psycho Social" section on the right of this page.  See what your favorite 78s have been up too!

End of an Era - Originals Say Farewell! The highest scoring jammer in Psycho 78s history, Lima Bean, and the man many consider to be the godfather of east coast renegade, Spooky, have both retired from competition! Spooky's final game was the history making tournament championship on September 7th. Lima skated her retirement game in her native Peru in the first ever international no-rules game against Toxic Lima Roller Derby on October 6th. SPK and Lima are two of the 78's Originals, or members of the first generation of the Psycho 78s. See the original video where they shocked 78s fans with the announcement here, and see their farewell blogs here and here.

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